Parent Communication

General Communications

Montessori Matters has several ways of keeping open communication with our parents. We recognize that much of the children’s work is not reflected with worksheets, so we do our best to keep our parents well informed.

  • Progress Reports are distributed and Parent/Teacher Conferences are held each semester. Please take the time to meet one on one with your child’s teacher to discuss their progress. If it is not possible, phone conferences can be arranged. We value you are part of our learning team and we want to keep communications open.
  • A weekly bulletin will be distributed outlining any school-wide matters that need to be communicated to our parents.
  • Toddlers will receive daily reports summarizing the aspects of their day as they have challenges with communication.
  • If you have any concerns, please drop a note in your child’s teacher’s mailbox or contact the office. We will make every effort to address your concern/question as soon as possible.

Responding To Conflict


The safety of our children is our priority. If a child is behaving in a way that poses a danger to himself, his peers or his environment, he may be asked to sit in a “thinking chair” and re-direct before rejoining the group. If problems persist over time, they will be documented and all concerned will meet in an effort to resolve the issue. We are confident that a resolution can be found, but in the case that it cannot, the school reserves the right to expel a child. Rest assured, this action is not taken lightly as we want our school to be an optimal environment for all students. Likewise, if a parent is acting in a way that poses a problem for our students or staff , we will have to address the matter. If it is not resolved, the student may be asked to leave school. We aim to create a safe environment for all that parents feel comfortable to entrust their child to.