Our children work in the prepared environment of the Montessori Classroom under the guidance of trained Montessori teachers. The following areas are included in the Montessori curriculum:


Children learn to read and write using the Montessori materials. The materials encourage children to use a phonetic process, during which reading and writing are taught hand in hand.


Children work with math materials that give them concrete impressions of mathematical concepts. Studies have shown that working with math manipulatives from an early age breeds confidence and develops a life-long love of math.


Culture encompasses the world around us! Children learn about the geography, culture, and people of different nations. In Science, children are immersed in botany, zoology, geology, and astronomy. The curriculum also introduces the children to the arts, both in the everyday classroom and with field trip experiences.


This integral part of the classroom addresses the Montessori tennant that children learn by using their senses.

Practical Life

Children develop independence, fine motor skills, and gain confidence while working with the materials that constitute practical life.


The preprimary environment is the perfect combination of academics and nurturing. The children are exposed to the Montessori Materials arranged by subject for the first time. They learn to function in the environment and respect the space of others. The classroom teachers provide the nurturing touch needed to settle them into the classroom routine.


The primary classroom is the heart of the Montessori experience. During their stay in this classroom, the children achieve many academic, physical, and social milestones. They gain the confidence needed to become lifelong learners.